COVID-19 Notice

Sun City Physiotherapy is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our clients, staff, therapists, and community.

As a direct response to recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, College Of PTBC, and the Physiotherapy Association of BC, we will be OPEN for urgent care appointments at our Downtown Kelowna clinic on St. Paul Street. These in-person appointments will be reserved for only those clients in significant need of physiotherapy treatment, and who meet certain strict parameters. If you feel you are in this category, please call 250-861-8056 and one of our client care team members will assist you.

We are also offering Telehealth. Through Telehealth, we can provide assessments, education, exercises, recommendations and support through secure online video or telephone. Many healthcare plans, as well as ICBC and Worksafe BC will cover this alternative to in-person treatment.

We strongly believe in continuity of care and providing ways to help you manage through this interruption in order to maintain your physiotherapy, kinesiology, rehabilitation, and dietitian services.

Call us. We will continue to answer the phones and respond to your emails. We will do our best to keep you connected with your therapist should you have any questions or concerns.

Visit or stay connected via our social media posts for updates regarding access to online treatment, and other developing information.

In the meantime let’s all do our part by practising good hand and respiratory
hygiene, maintaining social distancing, and by staying informed.

Be safe. Be healthy. Be kind.

Welcome to Sun City Physiotherapy.

We strive to be the Okanagan’s leader in client focussed care and recovery. Through collaborative care planning, our team of compassionate and skilled professionals work closely with our clients, keeping our community moving for life.

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1468 St. Paul Street,
Kelowna, BC
Phone: 250-861-8056
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103-437 Glenmore Rd.
Kelowna, BC
Phone: 250-762-6313
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Lake Country

40-9522 Main St.
Lake Country, BC
Phone: 250-766-2544
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Lower Mission

3970 Lakeshore Rd.
Kelowna, BC
Phone: 778-699-2006
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Services We Provide

With our large, highly-credentialed staff, Sun City Physiotherapy can address and treat a wide variety of injuries, disorders, and conditions.

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As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of professional care, our therapists are continually attending postgraduate courses and specializing in multiple areas of treatment.

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Our Articles

Read informative articles written by our registered therapists to help you better understand your injuries and ailments, and to have a deeper understanding of why and how we treat your conditions. 

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What is a TMD and what are the symptoms?

What is a TMD?  The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the name of the joint located on either side of your head, just in front of your ears. These joints connect your mandible (jawbone) to your temporal bone (skull). The TMJ, which can rotate and move forward, backward...

Lumbago (Back Pain)

Almost all of us have had lower back pain. If you haven’t, you’re either quite young or really lucky! Lower back pain can present itself for many reasons, it can vary in severity and duration, and it can be specific or general. The dull, generalized pain can often be...

Recent IMS Articles

Nerve Pain and IMS

Intramuscular Stimulation, or IMS for short, is a technique used by physiotherapists since it was developed in the 1970’s in Vancouver by the pain specialist Dr. Chan Gunn. IMS is a total system for the assessment and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain that has...